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    Deep Metallurgical Services (DMS) is an accredited Proficiency Testing Provider (PTP)
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    India according to IS017043-2010 vide certificate no PC1045 in metals and alloys.


Our Wide Array Of Testing Services Includes Chemical Analysis Services And Positive Metal Identification, Mechanical Test Services,..

Deep Metallurgical Services (DMS) is the India’s first accredited Proficiency Testing Provider (PTP) for IGC practices A & B, Pitting corrosion ASTM G48 and detecting detrimental inter metallic phase in duplex stainless steel ASTM A923C, percentage martensite, case depth and many other metallurgical test parameters very often followed in metallurgical laboratory and industries dealing with metals and alloys. DMS is an accredited Proficiency Testing Provider (PTP) by renowned National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory (NABL), India according to IS017043-2010 vide certificate no PC1045 in metals and alloys.

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Deep Metallurgical Services (DMS)

All PTS are quantitative and simultaneous. PTS have been designed to record the performance of participant in routine test parameters. The participating laboratory would certainly benefit from the elaborate reporting covering all clauses of IS017043-2010. The participant can compare own results with results from other participants keeping the confidentiality as per IS017043-2010.

The management of DMS as PTP is composed of PTP testing program committee chaired by MD, a metallurgist having wide experience in research


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